Learn about the benefits of a tree at your home or building

Is your organization planning a tree distribution program?

OKI provides this tool as a platform to various organizations for the purpose of distributing trees. Contact Travis Miller for more information.


This website was developed by OKI to provide the estimated stormwater and energy benefits of a tree. This tool is meant to be an educational tool for those considering investing in a new tree. OKI also provides this tool as a platform to organizations working with local communities on various tree distributions. The data used to calculate the benefit estimates is provided by i-Tree. The intention of this tool is to provide the user a general understanding of the stormwater and energy conservation benefits from certain trees in specific locations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE The OKI Tree for Me tool is no substitute to an on-site assessment performed by a professional. This tool is a remote evaluation tool, based on topographical surveys, information models, and simulation methodologies, and results may be unavailable or inaccurate due to issues including, but not limited to, partial sample obsolescence, excess of vegetation or non-modeled obstructions, incomplete or corrupted databases, incomplete or corrupted GIS layers, undetectable partial obstructions based on survey resolution, and force majeure. OKI does not guarantee the accuracy of the data or the applicability of the information provided by the Tree for Me tool.

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG. Before planting any tree the location of underground utilities or other obstructions must be identified. You can start by contacting your state’s 811 information line or visit https://call811.com/811-In-Your-State