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Commercial Vessel AIS Data provided in partnership with:
App developed in partnership with Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments.
  • AIS: Automatic Identification System - real time tracking of commercial vessels via on board transponder.
  • Caution point: features such as dams, power plants, barge fleeting areas, etc. where extra caution is advised.
  • Commercial Marine Activity Zones: areas near port facilities where barge fleeting, loading, unloading, and other activities are likely.
  • Commercial Marine Highway: the primary area of river used by commerical vessels underway. Caution, commercial vessels may use the entire river.
  • High Activity Area: increased volumes of commercial and recreational boat traffic.

The entire Ohio River is a federally regulated waterway. It is available for use “as highway[s] for substantial interstate or foreign commerce” (33 CFR § 2.36). Therefore, commercial maritime traffic, i.e., tow boats with barges and passenger vessels, have the ability, and authority, to utilize any and all of the Ohio River for navigation. To assist recreational boaters to more safely use and enjoy this multi-use resource, The Ohio River Digital Safety Guide has been developed to provide information regarding the location of the commercial marine highway on the Ohio River, approximate boater locations based on cellular technology, and locations and directions of tow boats navigating on the Ohio River and navigable tributaries. All location information provided or otherwise displayed in this Guide is approximate and therefore should be used only in conjunction with actual visual observations of commercial traffic. Any action you take utilizing the information provided or displayed on this website is done strictly at your own risk.


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